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About us.

We are a family company with more than 30 years of experience, dedicated to the production and export of raisins without seeds. Our commitment with the quality and harmlessness throughout the production chain is the main purpose of the work team of Agrícola Comercial Sánchez Sánchez, in which the greatest efforts are invested, to provide a quality product to our customers.

Location of Our Company.

Agrícola Comercial Sánchez Sánchez SRL is located in the department of Santa Lucía, in the Province of San Juan, Argentina. It is a space that is part of the Tulum Valley where 97% of the provincial population is located.

The dominant characteristics of our territory are the aridity due to the lack of rainfall that does not exceed 92 mm per year, a desert climate with great thermal amplitudes defined by extreme temperatures in the summer, between 40 and 45ºC and in winter 2º and 6º. The population lives in five irrigated oases, which occupy an area that represents 4% of the total of the province, that's why the water, which originates from the melting of the Cordillera de los Andres, is a strategic resource for San Juan.

These environmental conditions are very favourable for the viticulture and its subsequent drying in a natural way in farms that are conditioned to obtain raisins of excellent quality.


The grape varieties destined to seedless raisins that are grown in our properties: